Attorney Gene S. Hagood founded the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood more than 15 years ago with one simple goal in mind: to win cases for clients. Hagood’s approach remains the same. Whether it’s helping injury victims in truck accidents, construction accidents or other accidents due to negligence, Attorney Hagood works tirelessly to get people the compensation they rightfully deserve.

He also realizes your case is about more than just money. It’s about justice, about holding people responsible for their reckless behavior. In order to achieve these goals, Gene Hagood guides his practice based on one simple word: work.

“We outwork everybody,” Hagood says. “That’s just the truth. I believe cases are won on preparation, and if you know your clients, know the case and know the law, you are in a position to prevail.” He adds that, “Most of the important work takes place long before we enter the courtroom.”

Galveston personal injury lawyer Gene S. Hagood understands what you’re going through

Hagood and his partners represent clients in cases of serious and catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death matters pertaining to defective products, medical malpractice, premises liability, toxic torts and motor vehicle and construction accidents.

“We work diligently, investigating cases from every angle, and while doing so, make sure that we maintain a balance of dignity, respect and sensitivity towards our clients,” says Hagood.

Hagood has no fear of the courtroom. His aggressive litigation skills, as well as his ability to analyze and research cases, have earned him the respect of his peers.

“We are prepared to take each and every case to trial should it come down to that. I believe our courtroom experience is what sets us apart from other firms,” says Hagood. “We are not afraid to fight for our clients.”

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Personal Injury
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