Our Selection Process

The purpose of the American Academy of Attorneys is to promote top-tier attorneys who exemplify the standards and professionalism one should expect from an attorney. A member of the Academy has shown they posses an impressive knowledge of the law and the highest ethical standards.

The criteria for membership may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • An individual attorney’s commitment to ethics and professionalism
  • Notable verdicts, achievements or settlements
  • Board Certified Specialization as designated by the State Bar or other leading organization
  • Nominations from the Board of Directors, industry leading trial attorneys, and existing Members
  • Membership and executive positions held within state trial attorney organizations or other leading organizations
  • Any Current ratings or ranking profiles as identified by reputable and credible online or local evaluations
The American Academy of Attorneys has two designations, TOP 40 UNDER 40 and TOP 100. To receive this designation the attorney nominated must be of the highest ethical standard and exceptional legal talent.

TOP 40 UNDER 40 Designation

The TOP 40 UNDER 40 designation is assigned to those attorneys who are newer to practice yet are at the top of their field. The attorneys are the rising stars and have top-tier skills and ethics. Only 40 attorneys from each state and in each category will be able to bear this designation.