Our goal is to provide benefits to our members that help them navigate the legal system and provide the tools they need to ensure the best possible service for their clients. Below is a list of products that are not only helpful but beneficial to all attorneys.

The American Academy of Attorneys maintains relationships with a host of companies and services that attorneys use every day. This allows for discounts and savings for our members. We are constantly looking for new and impactful partnerships for our members and the list is often updated. We also have a list of companies below that may also provide service to our members that may or may not offer a discount but could be useful. The American Academy of Attorneys does not necessarily endorse or guarantee the quality, applicability, or discounts of the products and/or services of its benefits member companies. All users of these products and/or services do so at their sole discretion and the American Academy of Attorneys assumes no responsibility for them.

In addition to these benefits, members also can network with other top-tier attorneys to discuss current legal issues and share their knowledge of the courtroom. This network is also an excellent tool to help send clients to each attorney in the event they cannot handle the type of work or the client is in a location not handled by the attorney.