Who We Are

The American Academy of Attorneys is an invitation-only, national organization of elite attorneys actively practicing law. The American Academy of Attorneys is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the field of law and recognizing those top-tier attorneys who exemplify excellence. Less than 1% of all attorneys will be nominated to be a member of this organization. The membership is comprised of attorneys with exceptional credentials and a dedication to provide justice to their clients.

Who We Choose

Membership in the Academy is exclusive and by invitation and nomination only. Nominations will only be accepted from other reputable attorneys. Each nominee is researched by our team to ensure they too share in our core beliefs that attorneys should be exemplary advocates for their clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards. If at any time a member is subject to disciplinary action through their State Bar, their membership may be revoked.

Our Mission

The mission of the American Academy of Attorneys is to promote and support the work of exceptional attorneys in their pursuit of justice for their clients. The American Academy of Attorneys is an invitation only organization which provides attorneys with recognition for their exemplary work and advocacy, and exclusive benefits to help them not only promote their success but also learn new strategies and network with other top-tier advocates.