To many legal professionals, studying and practicing law is a deliberate choice that is made upon graduating from high school and/or college; to David Torosyan, it was an innate reality that was destined. As a young legal professional, David has rightfully taken the necessary steps along the way that have resulted in a successful legal career today. A solid foundation was built within David early on through rigorous, college-focused academics. Continuing his undergraduate education at the very first business school established in California back in 1884 – Woodbury University – David further solidified this foundation in a way that allowed him to graduate with Cum Laude honors, bringing him that much closer to law school. Soon after completing his baccalaureate education, David chose to enroll at University of West Los Angeles Law School, for the simple fact that it was small and private, providing him with the type of education he was accustomed to – personalized and focused. Needless to say, he thrived at UWLA in more
ways than one. The relationships and connections David forged at UWLA went beyond his completion of law school. He has since returned to UWLA as a celebrated professor, teaching future generations of legal professionals the very lessons he was learning a few short years ago. In addition to this, David has established his own law firm – Torosyan Law Group in Encino, CA – where he serves as President and practices Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and DUI Law. To add to his legal experience, prior to the establishment of Torosyan Law Group, David made it his mission to intern as a Law
Clerk for two different branches of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, focusing on legal research and assisting with case preparation. Family is of utmost importance to David, which speaks volumes about his honesty, loyalty, and his character at large – exactly the type of individual that anyone would feel comfortable to have on their side. Above all else, David is driven and fueled by righteousness and the belief that
all people can protect their rights through the full force of the law. He sees himself as not only a representative of the law, but an extension of it, ensuring that he protects those seeking his counsel to his greatest ability.

Practice Area
Criminal Law
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