Partner Eli V. Hammond is an experienced and accomplished attorney. He has vast knowledge of all aspects of family law, as well as administrative law. Review the below commentary from Mr. Hammond.

Why Attorney Hammond chose family law:

Mr. Hammond chose family law because he enjoys helping others in a profound manner. Through practicing family law, he is able to touch people’s lives by assisting with their personal and critical domestic issues. Family related legal matters such as divorce, child custody, domestic violence, support, and domestic partnerships are uniquely personal to the people involved and are incredibly important to them.

The value of becoming a certified family law specialist (“CFLS”):

The rigorous process of becoming a certified family law specialist takes resilience, intelligence, experience and true dedication. These qualities are all must-haves in order to successfully practice family law. The knowledge Mr. Hammond has as a CFLS is remarkable and unparalleled.

What sparked Attorney Hammond’s interest in helping others:

The valuable and comprehensive knowledge Mr. Hammond gained through his education at the University of California’s phenomenal school system helped him realize with certainty he wanted to relentlessly dedicate his life to helping others. It was then that he knew he wanted to become an advocate for others and attend law school.

Why family law cases require an aggressive, proactive approach:

Mr. Hammond maintains that a proactive approach is critical when dealing with any type of family law matter. In order to protect his clients’ rights, it is important to lead the litigation – to be active and not passive. This not only postures his clients well for litigation, but this approach also creates a strong setting for settlement negotiations.

Attorney Hammond’s view on true litigation:

Mr. Hammond emphasizes one word: “advocacy.” He puts his clients first, at all times. He focuses on what he is able to accomplish for his clients. He believes in the litigation process and knows how to use it to help his clients. He uses his vast knowledge as a CFLS and past experience in general civil litigation together as a means to accomplish his clients’ goals.

Attorney Hammond’s impressive background:

Mr. Hammond has focused on family law throughout his long career as an attorney. In addition to family law, he has also worked in general civil litigation as well as in administrative security clearance matters. The experiences he has had have made him the strong advocate he is today, who is comfortable in any setting.

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