Craig Weintraub has 30 years experience litigating cases in federal and state courts throughout Ohio. 

Mr. Weintraub has spent his career in the Northeast Ohio court system ands has excellent relationships with judges, prosecutors and law enforcement who trust his word.

Do you want a great negotiator and trial attorney that you can trust then call Mr. Weintraub today for a free consultation. He promises to treat his clients with respect and quickly return phone calls.

Throughout his career thousands of clients have benefitted from Mr. Weintraub’s hard negotiations and trial and appellate services. He has received over 50 NOT GUILTY verdicts, dismissals of serious criminal charges and he consistently receives significant reductions of charges. These excellent results have occurred in a variety of high profile media cases, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, money laundering, white collar crimes, financial fraud crimes, embezzlement, murder, bribery, kidnapping, sex offenses, robberies, assaults, domestic violence, thefts, embezzlement, mortgage fraud, conspiracy, internet solicitation.

Mr. Weintraub has handled numerous high profile cases that attracted local, national and international media attention and has been regularly interviewed by local, national and international media outlets. He has the experience in communicating with the local and national press, prosecutors and judges. He has defended celebrities, politicians, physicians, attorneys, and other public figures in cases that make headlines.

Mr. Weintraub has years of experience achieving successful outcomes for thousands of clients in courtrooms throughout Ohio. He wins NOT GUILTY verdicts in state and federal courts.

Practice Area
Criminal Law
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