Larry has three passions in life: family, giving a hand to those less fortunate and making his community a safer place.

Larry’s area of focus is on serious injury and wrongful death. He is strongly committed to protecting clients and the community-at-large against those who choose mayhem over safety. Imagine, the more trials we do, the easier it is for our clients to settle cases and get institutional change in the bargain. While we prepare every case for trial from the moment it comes in the door, we only go to trial when we have no choice: the insurance company (behind every defendant in every trial) is looking to prevent full and fair justice.

Larry was recently speaking to a group of lawyers about the subject of why he became an injury attorney: He explained that when he was 20 years old working as a carpenter he was seriously injured when he was knocked off the second floor. He broke his back and hired a lawyer who sold him down the river of a lifetime injury for pennies on the dollar. He knew then that he should become a lawyer and do what so many don’t do: fight passionately for his clients. Larry quickly saw how clients are always treated poorly by insurance companies, the healthcare corporations and their high paid attorneys. It is not enough to be in pain or grieving, life will be made a living hell for anyone seeking justice if these institutions have their way. Larry takes care to passionately protect his clients and their families in this process. Unfortunately, jurors rarely see the troubles caused by these institutions just in navigating the way to the courthouse. His focus is on the work of obtaining justice in each and every case.

Larry feels blessed to have an accomplished 30-year career helping those who need a champion. He is a proud trial lawyer. One of the most memorable cases for him was the 20-year-old boy who crashed on a motorcycle rendering himself a quadriplegic. Larry was able to hold the Indoor Go Kart Track and 7-11 responsible for serving alcohol to a minor, recovering a substantial sum on his behalf. The young man was then able to lead an independent life. Larry unashamedly cried at his wedding to his caretaker three years later when the client said, “Every day I wake up and thank God for Larry Kahn.” In another memorable case, Larry was also able to hold accountable Virginia Mason Hospital for the wrongful death of a client who was injected with unlabeled antiseptic instead of radiological dye. In addition to a huge settlement, he helped establish a labeling protocol taught nationally and internationally to hospital staff. They also created the Mary McClinton Safety Award in his clients name to change the labeling protocols at Virginia Mason Hospital. Mary’s son Will remarked, “Mom always helped people in life, so there is some peace in knowing she is still doing so in death.”

Larry earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and attended Southwestern University for law school.

Larry is licensed to practice in Washington and California.

Practice Area
Personal Injury
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