Karla has dedicated her life to pursuing and preserving justice. She could have fulfilled this calling in any number of ways, but felt she could best do this by serving as an advocate for those who have had to endure suffering because of the neglect and wrongful conduct of others.

Karla began her career as an attorney at a highly specialized elder abuse firm. It was at this firm that she got her first exposure to the devastation that families feel when their loved ones suffer harm at the hands of entrusted professional caretakers.  These experiences fueled Karla’s fire to continue her fight for families and individuals harmed at no fault of their own.

In order to expand her knowledge base and broaden her skill set, Karla left that firm to join a large, nationally-recognized defense firm, where she learned the tricks and tools commonly used by insurance companies. While she gained invaluable insight into the methods and practices of defense firms and the insurance companies they represent, she knew her heart was in plaintiff’s work.

The Karla Firm was born out of these experiences and Karla’s passion for fairness and pursuing justice for the injured and their families.  Her broad range of experience, and deep insight into the tactics of insurance companies provides her with the ability to provide customized, effective, and fearless advocacy on behalf of her clients.

Karla has a proven track record and operates without fear of the giant insurance companies she faces on a daily basis. She is a devout volunteer in support of many causes; particularly homelessness, domestic violence, and youth intervention. She is also passionate about supporting our armed forces and veterans.

The Karla Firm also handles Family Law matters. Our family law attorneys are committed to making the process as painless for the client as possible. We aim to achieve excellent results in an efficient manner that allows clients to more easily transition to the next chapter in their lives.

Karla is a first generation American who is privileged to have grown up with multiple languages having been spoken in the house, thus providing her with fluency in both Farsi and Spanish. The Karla Firm is a firm like no other. Clients are like family and achieving justice is everything.

Practice Area
Personal Injury
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